Quick Quack Duck

We made a pop-up brochure to promote a new children’s television program. Quick Quack Duck is an animated series set in a fantastical pop-up book world. The show focuses on a boy and his duck as they navigate a magical world of paper and pop-ups. The production company, The Foundation, asked us to design a brochure to promote the program.

Here’s a link to the Quick Quack Duck trailer.

Format: Hardback pop-up brochure
Number of pages: 36
Publisher: The Foundation
Size: 215 x 318 mm

The brochure begins with a double-spread pop-up of the boy and his duck clambering across a log. What better way to introduce the two protagonists? The double-spread also demonstrates the show’s unique animation style. Elsewhere in the brochure, there are various pull-tabs and pull-flaps, one of which reveals a DVD of the pilot episode. A slot on the final page holds the accompanying script.

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