About Us

Expert Paper Engineers

For over 20 years, we have been creating a wonderful array of pop-ups. Along the way, we have developed a complete expertise in the field of paper engineering.

Paper engineering is a creative, technical and highly skilled art form, and we are passionate about it. We’ve made children’s books, pop-up brochures, invitations, Christmas cards, 3D artworks and so much more.


Pull-tabs, tip-ups, dials, pivots and rivets – we know it all. There are hundreds of different paper mechanisms and techniques at our disposal.

Paper Engineering
Whether you need help with idea development, paper mechanics or costs, you should ask us.

Pop-Up Book and Brochure Manufacture
If you already have a pop-up design that’s good to go, we can help with printing, assembly and distribution.

Museum and Gift Shop Supply
Pop-up products are becoming more and more popular in gift shops, and they are selling well. If you’re looking to stock your gift shop, we can design, print, assemble and ship pop-up goods.

3d water lily pop up close

Friends of Papersmyths

“It’s been a pleasure working with Papersmyths.”
David Rae from Thermo Fisher

Over the years, we’ve worked with all sorts of companies and advertising agencies from across the globe. Additionally, we’ve loved working with individuals to create personalised 3D invitations, Christmas cards, and pop-up books.

“Thanks for bringing my idea to life in such a fantastic way.” 
Bradley Price from Autodromo

There are many companies and creative professionals working alongside Papersmyths, and we enjoy a prosperous working relationship with all of them. In the South West of England, we are fortunate to have many specialist printers. Taylor Brothers are printing specialists which, like us, are based in Bristol. Over the years, they’ve printed countless jobs for us. Furthermore, we often work with JamJar Print, another Bristol-based printing specialists.

Our paper engineer, Iain Smyth, keeps a finger on the pulse of the pop-up world, and he often meets with fellow paper engineers, like Robert Sabuda, Matthew Reinhart and David A. Carter.

We Can Help You Create an Amazing Pop-up!

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