Paper Engineering Specialists

Paper engineering is a highly skilled art form that takes years to master, and we’re passionate about it. Tell us about your pop-up project, and we’ll make it happen. Paper craft, 3D sculptures, pop-up books, brochures and invitations… if it involves paper, we’re interested...

Over Twenty Years of Expertise, at Your Service

We’ve been making things from paper for decades. There are hundreds of books, brochures and paper oddities in our portfolio with countless pull-tabs, pivots, rivets and dials. Have a look at the various projects we have been involved in over the years, and if you would like to realise your pop-up project, request a quote.

Ensure Your Project is a Success

Make the most of our expertise, and we will turn your pop-up concept into a reality. As well as engineering the mechanisms of your paper creation, we will provide insightful support for all aspects of your project. This includes concept development, design, manufacture and distribution. Additionally, we understand the commercial world, and we are happy to work alongside marketing departments, advertising agencies or design consultancies.

Museum and Gift Shop Supply

museum supply

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s this: everyone loves a pop-up. Accordingly, paper products and souvenirs always sell superbly in gift shops. We’ve developed all sorts of unique paper goods that will fly off the shelves, and we’ve got even more ideas. If you’re looking to stock a gift shop or museum, ask us to tell you about some of our products. Alternatively, find out about our Christmas cards and notecards sold by our friends at The Metropolitan Museum of New York.

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