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We design, create and produce all kinds of novelty pop-up books, pop-up brochures, three-dimensional cards, laser-cut invitations, origami flowers and specialised packaging. On this website you can see our previous projects. Take a look around, and let us know about your pop-up project.

Latest projects

You can find more pictures of our previous projects under Our work, at the top of the page. There you can see some of the pop-up books, brochures, cards and paper craft we have made in the past.

From concept to delivery

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pop-up book concept sketch

From small jobs, like personal pop-up Christmas cards, to hundreds of thousands of pop-up books in many languages, Papersmyths makes brochures, books or cards leap into life. We create pop-ups that are memorable, exciting and, ultimately, more successful.

Firstly, we can help you with your design and concept. Once you are happy with your design, we will create a prototype of your pop-up and discuss it with you. Depending upon the complexity of the project, we make a few versions, fine-tuning as we go. Eventually, we will create vector files for you and your artists − or we can do the artwork ourselves! Once the artwork has been approved, we print and assemble the pop-ups. We do this in the UK, Europe, China, Thailand or Singapore, depending upon the quantity and schedule of the project. Finally, we can arrange shipping and delivery to you.

See the ten steps to creating an amazing pop-up Completed and assembled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pop-up book

Our expertise

We have the expertise to turn a pop-up concept into a reality. By providing guidance, assistance and support, we can help you through the various stages of creating a pop-up and ensure your project is a success. We understand the commercial world, and we are happy to work alongside marketing departments, advertising agencies or design consultancies.

some of our clients

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Bringing the possibilities of pop-ups to the commercial world

After establishing ourselves as paper engineers and book packagers for the publishing industry, we have extended our services to companies and individuals. No job is too small or too large; if you have a project in mind and would like to talk to us about it, give us a call on +44 (0) 117 944 6997.

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