Alive: The Ultimate Pop-Up Human Body Book


We collaborated with DK (Dorling Kindersley) to produce an educational pop-up book about the human body. DK wanted to wow the reader on every page, so we included various elements of technical panache, including a light-up brain on the front cover; a pop-up heart accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat; a 3d paper skull; a solid glass eye; and an elaborate pop-up cross-sectional diagram of the intestines. Overall, Alive is made up of seven double-spread pages, each of which focuses on a specific body part or bodily process.

Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 14
Publication Date: 02 Oct 2007
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
ISBN: 978-1405326414
Size: 249 x 3.1 x 256 mm
RRP: £ 17.99

Front cover of Alive pop-up book

This innovative book looks at the body in all its dimensions… . Open it up to take a fascinating journey around the vital organs, through layers of acetate. Watch the diaphragm move, check out the 3D ribcage and see the skeleton jump off the page, there’s also a light-up cover and an incredible beating heart!

3D paper skeleton
Pop up paper skull page

I’m not your normal kind of book. I’m special. I’m ALIVE! Open me up and take a heart-thumping, muscle-flexing, nerve-tingling inside look at what makes me and YOU alive!

Want to hear my heart beat and see my diaphragm move? Turn the page and prepare to be amazed.

Want to get down to my bare bones? See my skeleton in incredible 3D!

How about getting close to all the gooey vital organs? Peel away the layers and get a hands-on understanding of what makes me tick.

Open up my light-up brain cover to find stupendous pop-ups, see-through pages, flaps, and tabs. I’m the ultimate encounter with all the fun, fleshy, FANTASTIC stuff happening right under the skin.

Pop-up paper skull

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