VTS Retail Pop-Up Brochures

The VTS Retail pop-up brochures were posted to potential customers who had expressed an interest in the company’s asset-management software. The pop-up spread displays the software interface on the screens of a laptop and a smartphone, with useful infographics on the rest of the page.

Format: Landscape
Client: VTS
Size: 215mm x 165mm

VTS needed the brochures designed, printed and assembled in a matter of days. Fortunately, we have lots of experience creating pop-ups to a tight deadline, and we even made a lovely blue envelope for the brochures to be sent in. The VTS Retail pop-up brochures were so successful, the company requested a reprint a few months later. Pop-up brochures are a fantastic way of converting interest into sales. If you would like to commission your own, request a quote.

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