The Greater the Love, the Greater the Chaos

We collaborated with the fantastically talented Oh de Laval to produce The Greater the Love, The Greater the Chaos, an exclusive collection of carefully crafted pop-up art pieces.

In each of the six double-page pop-up spreads, Oh de Laval’s paintings are transformed into interactive, 3D paper scenes, with pull-tabs, pull-outs, devils and adulterous grooms! Only 100 copies were created, and each one was signed and hand-numbered by the artist herself. The collector’s edition also included a numbered and signed Giclée print.

It was a pleasure working with Oh de Laval on The Greater the Love, The Greater the Chaos. To see more of her amazing artworks, click here. Alternatively, order your own copy here.

Format: Portrait
Number of pages: 8 double page spreads
Client: Unit Drops Gallery, Oh de Laval
Size: 190mm x 250mm

Title page
The first spread
oh de laval
Each artwork is accompanied with a pull-out caption
The second spread features a silver foil print finish
This piece is titled “The Invisible Man”
Back cover

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