Ben & Jerry’s Story

We made a pop-up book which tells the story of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, including its core values and ethos, the history of its brand, as well as its delicious products! Our pop-up craftsmanship perfectly complemented the company’s colourful branding, creating a unique and dynamic promotional pop-up. One of the double-spreads shows four decades of Ben & Jerry’s history by using 3d paper envelopes. Each envelope contains pull-out cards which outline the key events of that decade. Additionally, there are dials, pull-tabs, flaps and pop-ups on the book’s other pages, conveying Ben & Jerry’s story in a fun and stylish manner.

Format: Portrait
Number of pages: 5 double page spreads
Completion Date: April 2017
Client:  JKR Global
Size: 190mm x 250mm

Ben and Jerry's pop-up story book

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