Sony Xperia

Sony commissioned us to design a pop-up brochure for their Xperia XZ3 smartphone. The Sony Mobile Field team used our brochures to train store staff throughout the UK, emphasising the phone’s sellable features. Specifically, they wanted to highlight the phone’s innovative HDR screen, which condenses technologies from their range of Bravia televisions.

Format: Softcover
Number of pages: One double-spread
Completion Date: August 2018
Client: Blueprint Partners
Size: 210 x 298 mm

The brochure opens to a two-layer pop-up living room scene, featuring a coffee table in front of a Bravia plasma screen. Using strong paperboard, we designed the pop-up screen to hold the Xperia smartphone, which slots in like a miniature television. Thus, the brochure displays Sony’s innovation, showing trainees how the Bravia screen has been impressively condensed.

On the rest of the page, images and text provide additional information about the Xperia’s features. Apparently, these pop-up brochures were a hugely successful training method. Additionally, since they are lightweight, the Sony team could easily distribute them up and down the country. Pop-up brochures are a great way to train staff. Let us design your very own by getting in touch!


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