SeaScapes Educational Pop-Up

As you can see from the photos the SeaScape educational pop-up is huge! The book needed to be big enough to show audiences in schools and museums. It is definitely one of the biggest pop-up books we have worked on, even larger than our 3D Brooklyn bridge.

Format: Landscape
Client: SeaScapes
Size: 1300mm x 2100mm

During lessons or talks, the SeaScapes educational pop-up acts as a visual aide. The colourful scene shows the coastline of north-east England, with its beaches and important cultural attractions. The pop-up layers form a 3D underwater world, with an abundance of sea-life and interesting geological features, such as sea stacks. Illustrated cards slot into different parts of the pop-up to show different features of the coastline, like fossils or shipwrecks.


It was a pleasure to design the SeaScapes educational pop-up to help raise awareness of the Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas Partnership Scheme. Their vision is ‘To reveal and better manage the hidden heritage of our unique seascape and create opportunities for learning, access and enjoyment in order to ignite stewardship of this special place for generations to come’. Seascapes is an amazing project, and we are very happy to have played our part in it. You can find out more about their project here.  


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