MoorMaster Pop-Up Model

The MoorMaster Pop-Up Model is a promotional demonstration of the company’s innovative mooring technology. To animate the mooring process, we designed a complicated pop-up mechanism with magnets, microelectronics and LEDs. The sales team at MoorMaster used the book as a sales aid to promote their product.


Format: Portrait
Number of pages: one double-page spread
Completion date: February 2021
Client: MoorMaster
Size: 190mm x 250mm

moormaster pop-up model

The MoorMaster pop-up model has a mechanism that shows the mooring process in three steps. Firstly, the page opens to a 3D model of the MoorMaster on the dockside ready to moor a ship. Secondly, the reader lifts a ship’s hull to approach the dock. On the MoorMaster system, an amber light signals it is ready to moor. Lastly, the pull-tab makes the MoorMaster connect to the ship’s hull with a magnet and the amber light turns green.

moormaster pop-up model

The MoorMaster Pop-Up Model uses very complicated paper engineering technology. During the design process, our paper engineer worked in collaboration with the talented Tim Bullock. Additionally, the book includes microelectronics, magnets and LEDs… all quite impressive! To commission your own pop-up model, contact us.

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