PS4 Brochure


Opening the PS4 brochure reveals a 3D rendition of the console, showcasing its sleek design and some of its features. Seeing the console as a 3D pop-up allows readers to explore the console from different angles and truly imagine the real product. The single double spread also shows a detailed pop-up of the console’s controller. It hovers in front of the pop-up console, as if ready for use.


As well as captivating readers, our PS4 brochure includes lots of information on the new console. On the background of the pop-up spread, there are small icons showing some of the new games which will be available once the console comes out. The front and back cover of the brochure advertised specific game releases, including Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

While designing the brochure, we wanted to make sure it was compact enough to fit inside the pages of gaming magazines. We used a strong and glossy card that is not too thick, but sturdy enough to support the pop-up structure. Our pop-up design is fairly simple, while still impressive enough to get people excited for the new PS4. It is always fun designing different types of brochures, and we love how much they can vary. For example, one we designed for the Minecraft Legends video games was more book-like. There are so many ways that pop-ups can help get people excited ahead of release dates. Tell us about your idea for a pop-up brochure. Request a quote or get in touch.

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