Mat Collishaw Pop-Up

We made an exciting pop-up sculpture to promote a big fashion event featuring an art instillation by Mat Collishaw. The high fashion company Jimmy Choo organised the party and commissioned Mat Collishaw to create a piece of art for the main lobby. In the end, Collishaw made a gigantic crystal sculpture which was the centrepiece of the event.

We recreated Collishaw’s artwork in paper. Iain, our paper engineer, designed a complex pop-up of the crystal sculpture, adding pearlescent holographic foil to convey the full effect. Despite the complexity of the pop-up, the double-spread is collapsible, closing flat for sending in the post.

Format: Pop-up card
Number of pages: 4
Client: Jimmy Choo
Size: 148 x 210 mm

Jimmy Choo pop-up card

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