Chicago Architectural Pop-Up

This architectural pop-up celebrates a building in Chicago. We embellished the windows with luxurious silver foil to create a lively gleam effect. To see it in action, check out the video below.

Format: Hardcover
Number of pages: One double-spread
Client: HFF
Size:  216 x 308 mm

HFF, an American finance company, financed a beautiful property in Chicago, which they wanted to promote. Consequently, we designed an architectural pop-up model to show the building in all its glory!

The brochure has a hardcover, opening to reveal the pop-up building, as well as the Chicago skyline in the background. Furthermore, we embellished the building’s windows with silver foil to create a lively and luxurious gleam effect.

HFF sent the brochures to potential business partners, providing information and rousing interest. Overall, our brochure made the perfect promotional for the project. If you want us to make you something similar, request a quote!

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