3d Laser Cut Christmas Card – Papersmyths’ Personal Cards

This Christmas we designed a beautiful 3d laser-cut Christmas card inspired by the carol, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. The laser-cut design depicts a charming, ornate partridge perched in its pear tree. We embellished the tree with spiralling, leafed branches, baubles and hanging pears.

3d laser-cut Christmas card

We have been sending pop-up xmas cards to our friends and family for over twenty years. Consequently, each winter it becomes harder and harder to come up with a theme that we have not done already. Previously, we have made cards showing Santa Claus, baubles, Christmas presents, holly, mistletoe, the list goes on. This year, however, we’ve decided to experiment with the art of laser-cutting. This process uses laser technology to cut paper patterns very precisely. Since laser-cutting enables a superb degree of detail, we chose to portray an elaborate partridge in an elaborate pear tree.

3d laser-cut christmas card back

The inside page has a striking coloured background of Christmasy-green, overlaid with the cursive white lettering of ‘Season’s Greetings’. Additionally, we decorated the front cover’s border with green stars to give the card a more contemporary look. The laser cut pieces swivel on their axes. On the one hand, this means that the cards can close completely flat for sending in envelopes. On the other hand, when the cards are standing upright, the laser cut pieces gently rotate if there’s a draft, pirouetting through the holiday season!

3d laser-cut christmas cards UK

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