‘United We Stand’ Season’s Greeting Card

We designed the ‘United We Stand’ season’s greeting card for the investment firm Earnest & Partners. At the end of 2020, they wanted to send a message of unity and optimism to their clients, after a year of tumult.

The company got in touch and asked for a pop-up card with the message: ‘DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND’. We thought our curtain-card technique would be the perfect way to animate this message. When you open the card, the ‘UNITED WE STAND’ banner slides together and joins up. In the background, rainbow-coloured people hold hands around the earth.

Silver-foiled lettering decorates the card’s border, with a season’s greeting message in over twelve languages. Earnest & Partners sent the ‘United We Stand’ season’s greeting card to over a thousand clients in various countries. Our Bristol-based printing friends at Taylor Brothers printed the cards for us.

Format: Landscape
Client: Earnest & Partners
Size: 190mm x 250mm

‘United We Stand’ Season’s Greeting

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