Skywalker Ranch Holiday Card

Being such big fans of Star Wars, we were honoured and overjoyed to design the Skywalker Ranch holiday card, which was sent to the company’s colleagues. We can only imagine some of the esteemed actors and actresses who might have received one of these in the post. That’s why we were so delighted when the client told us that feedback for the cards had been resoundingly positive.

Format: Landscape
Client: Skywalker Ranch
Size: 132mm x 210mm

The Skywalker Ranch holiday card uses layers of detailed laser cuts to create a 3D rendition of the famous movie ranch. The intricate sliding pop-up mechanism allows the card to lie flat in an envelope, and then open to reveal its 3D scene. Once opened, the card can support itself and sit comfortably on a bookshelf or mantelpiece.

Our first step in designing the card was to draw various illustrations of the ranch based on photographs. We ensured that these displayed the architectural details of the impressive building, such as its long veranda and its many turrets. Next, we transformed our final illustration into a multi-layered scene, with the trees and bushes of the sweeping drive leading up to the building’s entrance. Then, we embellished the design with subtle gold foiling and added extra laser cuts to  show the moon and stars in the background above the hills. Once we finished designing the card, we arranged printing, carried out the assembly and organised postage and packaging to California.


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