Newspaper Party Invite

Creating The Ingram Group Newspaper Party Invite was a lot of fun, and everyone was thrilled with the end result. While designing the invites, we even helped out by suggesting puns for the newspaper headlines.

Format: Portrait
Client: The Ingram Group
Size: 132mm x 210mm

ingram group holiday party invite

The pop-up spread shows fictional newspaper articles telling the story of The Ingram Group. This was an amazing way of celebrating the company, while inviting guests to the anniversary party event. While designing the invites, we took inspiration from the spinning newspaper transitions that you see in old films such as Citizen Kane. We wanted the newspaper articles to pop-up with a similar swooping impact. To achieve this, we created a multi-layered pop-up design that bursts from the page. There is a pull-tab on the bottom of the page, which reveals another hidden newspaper article. We also added a pull-out insert on the front cover, which contained the details of the event.

After designing the Ingram Group Newspaper Party Invite, we organised the printing and hand-assembly. Our trusted team of hand assemblers made short work of the invites, and we quickly boxed everything up for shipment to the USA. After sending out the invites, the client received excellent feedback from the guests. She said: ‘We are getting AMAZING responses on the card! Lots of “best I’ve ever seen!”, “blown away!” and “WOW!” comments. We have more confirmed RSVPs than we were expecting. Can’t thank y’all enough!’

We were very glad to hear the invitations were so successful. We are big believers in the ability of pop-ups to generate a lot of excitement in the lead up to an event. Also, guests tend to cherish invitations that have pop-ups inside and often put them on display even after the event. If you are interested in creating your own pop-up invites for an upcoming event, please tell us about your project.

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