Harrods Great Gatsby 1920s Themed Christmas Card

In 2011, we created a 1920s themed pop-up Christmas card for Harrods to send to their most loyal customers. At the time, the Harrods store in London had a festive window display which was inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. We designed a card to match the store’s display.

Each card opens to reveal a multi-layered shadowbox scene. Mirroring the luxurious appearance of the Harrods window display, we used silver-foil to decorate the wonderful illustrations, as well as the card’s lettering. Once the pop-up card has been opened, it can support itself as a decorative addition to a desk or mantelpiece.

Format: Pop-up Christmas card
Number of pages: 2
Client: Harrods
Size: 315 x 122 mm

Harrods look-through Christmas greetings card

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