Colossos Pop-Up Photo Frame

At the culmination of the Heide Park Resort’s Colossos rollercoaster, a photograph captures the looks of adrenaline-induced excitement on the passengers’ faces. We designed a pop-up photo frame to display these playful snapshots.

Format: Photoframe
Number of pages: 1
Size: 8 x 6 inches


Our design included several pop-up layers in front of the photo. These show dramatic elements of the coaster, as well as a graphic of the ride’s giant flame-spewing monster. The frame closes completely flat, so customers can easily take it home or post it to friends or family. Alternatively, there’s a small pull-out stand on the back of the frame for displaying in an upright position. Since we made our pop-up photo frame from paperboard, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic frames. Overall, these pop-up photo frames were a great success! The general design is adaptable and could work for other theme park rides. If you want your own pop-up photo frame—or if your theme park is missing a pop-up—get in touch!

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