Caparezza’s Pop-Up Record Cover

We had so much fun designing Italian hip-hop artist Caparezza’s pop-up record cover, Although in the past we have worked on pop-up CD covers, this was the first time we had used paper engineering on a vinyl album cover. When designing the double-spread pop-up, we aimed to immerse the viewer in the album’s world, with its elephants, hourglasses and eerie portraits of Caparezza.

Format: Square
Number of pages: One double-page spread
Client: Universal Music Group
Size: 313mm x 313mm

As a life-long fan of comics and graphic novels, Caparezza collaborated with the famous Italian illustrator Simone Bianchi who created the artwork using motifs and images from the album’s songs. We adapted Bianchi’s wonderful illustration by layering different elements, resulting in a dynamic and striking multi-dimensional design. Caparezza’s record label Universal released this as a limited edition version of his eighth studio album Exuvia.

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