The Met’s Pop-up Santa Card

Decorate your mantelpiece with a charming pop-up Christmas scene from Adolf Dehn’s 1954 watercolour, Santa’s Visit. Our paper engineer, Iain, refashioned Dehn’s artwork into a homely peepshow-style pop-up Santa card to be sold by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.



The original artwork depicts a playful winter pastoral. St. Nick carries a bag of Christmas presents in the foreground surrounded by wild deer. In the background, a rustic home glows with warm light, busy celebrating Christmas Eve.

The pop-up Santa card fits in an envelope, so you can easily send one to your friends or family. When you open the card, the two sliders reveal the cosy multi-layered scene in a satisfying and theatrical, curtain-like reveal. The opened cards stand sturdily upright, making them perfect for decorating your home. In addition to the ‘Merry Christmas’ message underneath the 3d scene, there is space on the back to write a personalised Christmas greeting.

When our paper engineer showed the card’s mechanism to his friends at The Met, they thought it would be a marvellous way to transform their gallery’s artworks into souvenir cards. Our designers had to carefully tweak the original artworks so that they look fantastic open or closed.

We loved making this card for the Met, and we will continue to work with our good friends there, producing exciting pop-ups.

If you would like to purchase this pop-up Santa card, click on the order link. This will take you to The Met’s online shop, where the cards are available. Please note: The Met’s international shipping – i.e. outside the U.S.A – is costly.