Origami Water Lily Kit

With this easy-to-follow Origami Water Lily Kit, you can build a stunning 3D paper craft water lily. By following the instructions, you will fold and fasten eight paper components to create an origami masterpiece. No scissors, glue or sellotape are required – all you need is a clean table top.



The completed water lilies look magnificent in any home, delivering a one-of-a-kind decorative flourish. Additionally, we’ve laminated the lily’s base component, so it can float on water! The floating lilies make sensational decorations for weddings, birthdays or Christmas parties. If you are interested in ordering a large volume of lilies for a big event, request a quote.

Constructing your origami water lily is part of the fun! The Origami Water Lily Kit includes a step-by-step guide with clear diagrams. However, you can access more detailed written instructions free-of-charge here. Alternatively, you can watch a YouTube video of our paper engineer – and inventor of the origami water lily – showing the construction process here. Overall, the construction process takes about half-an-hour, and once you’ve finished, your sense of accomplishment will make it look even more wonderful!

You can make your origami lily into a beautiful lantern! We have left space under the stamen for a small battery-powered tea light. With the addition of a tea light, the lantern gives off a lovely warm-glow, illuminating the curved petals and intricate florets.

We used Iggesund’s high-quality Invercote paperboard for our lilies. Iggesund is a sustainable and low carbon footprint paper manufacturer based in Sweden.

An Origami Water Lily Kit will make a unique Christmas or birthday present that’s certain to triumph.

Postage and packaging is free-of-charge, but please allow ten working days for shipping.